Surrender to the ancient art of Thai Massage. State of ultimate personal relaxation awaits you, and you deserve it. Plethora of styles are available.

Aroma Massage

Sedona Royal Thai Massage: Aroma Massage

Royal Experience in Sedona/Aroma Massage

For a complete Thai massage experience, please request a 2 hour session, combining of Aroma massage and Thai massage.

Experience an absolute refresh and allow the fragrant scents of a variety of oils to awaken your senses. Coupled with the Thai massage techniques of stretching and kneading, your cells become enlivened placing you in a blissful state.*The client is undressed for this massage (proper draping ensured)




For a complete Royal Thai Massage experience, please request a 2 hour session, combining of Thai massage with any royal treatments

Thai massage & one special treatments        $135/90mins     $175/120mins

Thai massage & two special treatments        $150/90mins     $195/120mins

Sedona Royal Thai Massage: reservation call 928.202.4399 or 928.254.7683