Surrender to the ancient art of Thai Massage. State of ultimate personal relaxation awaits you, and you deserve it. Plethora of styles are available.

Deep Tissue Massage

Sedona Royal Thai Massage: Deep Tissue Massage

Royal Experience in Sedona/Deep tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage

Combining therapeutic massage practices from around the Thai massage culture, this therapy uses specific rhythmic massage movements to combat the stress of modern life and re-energize the mind, leaving you with a feeling of complete well-being and vitality. This unblocks your Sen and balances your energy flow.

The massage therapist develops a massage session to address specific concerns that a client may have, such as muscle stiffness or pain in a particular area of the body. Therapeutic massage is performed by one of our senior therapists with advanced training.




For a complete Royal Thai Massage experience, please request a 2 hour session, combining of Thai massage with any royal treatments

Thai massage & one special treatments        $135/90mins     $175/120mins

Thai massage & two special treatments        $150/90mins     $195/120mins

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