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Thai Massage at Wat Pho temple in Bangkok

Inclining Buddha at Wat Pho

My first of three trips to Thailand dates back to 2001 shortly after the 9/11 tragedy.
I was one of a small number of Americans in Thailand as the continued terrorist threat loomed large. I stayed at a modest hotel called Vienthai in Bangkok. The location was ideal and I found myself walking everywhere. Shortly after midnight I found myself at a temple straining in the near pitch blackness of the night to see what turned out to be kids playing basketball. There must have been a school on the grounds with a basketball court because the sounds of pivoting sneakers and the dribbling of a ball were unmistakable, I now realized I had walked perhaps 12 hours or so since arriving at 4:30am the previous morning .The following morning I was beset with foot strain, remnants of travel fatigue and the shock of 9/11 wore on me.

When asking the hotel concierge of sorts how I might spend the day considering my weary state, he suggested I take a Tuk-Tuk (three wheeled open air taxi) to Wat Phra Kao and Wat Pho temples. He explained of their tranquil surroundings being good for me and suggested I allow myself to experience a Healing Traditional Thai massage. What a great suggestion he made as that was my first foot massage experience. How many times I wish I could rewind the clock and find a Thai massage practitioner following many long hikes in the Sierra Nevadas of Northern California. I knew nothing of reflexology, pressure points, deep tissue work (therapeutic massage). Up until this point my healers were Orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors and traditional western M.D.’s., massage and deep tissue therapy were completely foreign to me.

My speedy recovery, renewed energy and unfailing feet for the remainder of my 3 week Thailand adventure I owe a debt of thanks to the youthful Thai massage practitioner who with great humility and respect treated me.
On my 2nd and 3rd travel adventures to Thailand I never failed to seek out Thai masseuses/therapists especially those specializing in deep tissue work and feet massage. They were often found at the local day spa or the hotel. I went as often as time would allow given the active travel itinerary. It was becoming very apparent that massages were not a once in a lifetime luxury as they may be perceived here in the US , but rather a necessity for our maintaining optimum health. Now a decade later I find myself fortunate to have found an exceptional Therapeutic Thai massage therapist in Sedona, Arizona where I reside. Her total focus, attention and skill set have allowed me the greatest relief / recovery from both the myriad of sports related injuries I have suffered along with the spine, back, and neck repercussions from 4 serious car accidents in the Us spanning three plus decades. I never cease to be amazed that her work can erase the damage caused so years ago.